Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater is an important part of your home and of your comfort. A new water heater can provide faster hot water and an energy efficient system that can reduce your water bill.

Bartylla Plumbing offers water heater replacement services including proper installation, friendly service and a great, new water heater system. We install power vent, gravity, electric and on-demand water heaters. Please contact us about our water heater replacement and installation services.

Power Vent

A power vent water heater draws combustion air from the space around the heater and uses a small fan to expel exhaust gases. The forced exhaust provides increased flexibility for heater location and prevents back drafting. The power vent is more energy efficient than the gravity water heater.


A gravity-fed system relies on thermosiphoning, in which hot water rises to the top of the system and denser cold water falls to the bottom. For such a system to work, the water heater needs to be located below the hot-water taps it will serve. While pipe insulation and short plumbing runs help to reduce standby heat loss and energy consumption, this system uses more energy than others because it is operating 24 hours a day. However, because there are no pumps to install or maintain, this system is arguably the most user-friendly. Gravity water heaters are less efficient then the power vent and on-demand and can’t be installed in new homes.


An on-demand water heater is an energy-efficient device that provides hot water only when it is needed. It does not have a reservoir tank like a traditional water heater, so it remains "off" when hot water is not needed. Models are available that run on natural gas, propane or electricity.

The plumbing and electrical systems in older homes may not be compatible with an on-demand hot water system. Older homes may need to have their plumbing or electrical systems updated before an on-demand hot water heater can be installed.


An electric hot water heater gets its name because it uses electrical power to perform the work of heating the water. Several different systems in a standard electric hot water heater work together so that the heater can perform its primary function - to safely and efficiently heat water. These four primary systems include water flow, temperature control, heating and safety.

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